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Read this BEFORE getting started with program


Progressive overload is a crucial concept for you to understand to get the best results from the BC glute program.  When you first start working out, any kind of tension you place on your muscles will lead to the breakdown of the muscular tissue, allowing the muscles to rebuild stronger. But as time goes on, your muscles will adapt and eventually reach a plateau. 


In order to continually make muscle gains, the principle of progressive overload demands gradually increasing the "load" on your muscles while making your workouts more challenging. There are several progressive overload tactics that can be used such as increasing weight, frequency, volume, etc.


In the BC glute program, we are going to be prioritizing increasing the weight of our lifts over the 12 weeks we train together! 


The plan is separated into 4 week increments where you will perform the same sets of exercises and gradually increase weight each week. Once you finish week 4, you will be introduced to a new set of exercises for weeks 5-8, where you will gradually increase weight, then repeat the same process for weeks 9-12.



Make sure you're starting out with some dynamic hip mobility stretches (NOT static!) because poor hip mobility will make you rely on your lower back/hamstrings (instead of glutes) and inhibit you from achieving full ROM.


Prioritize compound movements and progressive overload to get that growth!


Mind-muscle connection and form over weight! Always activate and isolate before you lift

Make sure you’re eating enough and adding A BUNCH of high quality protein and I promise all of that protein will go straight to your 🍑 (or whatever muscle you’re trying to grow)!

Recovery is just as important as training! I literally had a moment when I never took off days and HIT A PLATEAU because my muscles didn't have time to recover 😩 i like using my rest days as time to slow down, meditate, drink tea and zen tf out🤌🏼

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